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The masters of movie riffing, Cinematic Titanic (featuring the original cast of Mystery Science Theater 3000) will be performing five shows this Thursday the 10th through Saturday the 12th at the Lakeshore Theater in Chicago located at 3175 N. Broadway Chicago, IL 60657. (more…)


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…And it’s published this week over at Monkeybicycle. The “Stevie” I’m talking about, of course, is our very own Knee-Jerk Magazine Co-Editor/Co-Founder, Stephen Tartaglione. The short tale is called “Biology, Mostly,” and is chock full of tastey bits of fiction. The first paragraph alone features ladies’ pantyhose, baked beans and a simile to a Viking mace. What could be better than that?


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We’re very excited to see a set of Knee-Jerk buddies strutting their stuff this Tuesday the 8th at Quickies. Patrick Somerville (Knee-Jerk issue I/author The Cradle), Jessa Marsh (Knee-Jerk issue II/Web Editor Monkeybicycle) and Jacob Knabb (Fiction Editor ACM) will drop some five-minute-or-less funny, sad, sexy (you never know!) stories all over the Innertown Pub (1935 W Thomas) starting at 7:30. Andrew Farkas and Robbie Q Telfer (who haven’t yet met Knee-Jerk, but we can’t wait to bow, curtsy, shake hands and maybe ask for a dance) round out the the line-up. And, as always, the lovely and talented Mary Hamilton and Lindsay Hunter will host it up.

Keep updated on Quickies.

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Our pal (and stellar writer) J. Adams Oaks will be reading tonight, Wednesday, September 2nd, for Reading Under the Influences’ very special 50th installment (congratulations, R.U.I!). (more…)

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Time again for another exciting issue of Knee-Jerk (that’s #3 if you’re keeping track)! This month we’ve got stories from Jac Jemc, Roxane Gay, and Simon A. Smith, reviews by Jimmy Chen and Brandon Will, and the 2nd in a series of seven excerpts from David Shields’ Reality Hunger: A Manifesto (forthcoming from Knopf)!

It’s all at kneejerkmag.

That’s more literary scrumpdidliumptiousness than you can shake a stick at. But what do you have against scrumpdidliumptiousness? Shaking sticks at things is not nice.

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