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Tom Waits (who I’d consider a master of the short-short story form, just listen to Alice if you weren’t already convinced) is putting out a live album from last year’s Glitter and Doom tour. The best part is disc 2of the set, entitled “Tom Tales,”  will be solely devoted to Tom’s stage banter, jokes, shaggy dog  stories, and other well formulated lies most likely to contain midgets, hookers, and maybe a demon here or there. It’s available on November 24th.

Learn more about the album here.


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Yes, yes, yes: It’s that time again, kiddies!

Q: What time is that?

A: New issue of Knee-Jerk Magazine Time (the “t” in “time” is capitalized because it’s just that darn important).

We’ve got the 3rd in our installment of seven excerpts from David’s Shields’ forthcoming Reality Hunger: A Manifesto! We’ve got fiction and non-fiction from the likes of Stuff White People Like author, Christian Lander; THE2NDHAND editor, Todd Dills; decomP editor, Jason Jordan,and Fort Wayne is Seventh of Hitler’s List author Michael Martone! But wait! There’s more! We’ve got a Review of Things by newcomer, Sheldon Weasley! Plus a Brief written by Cell Camp and Midwest Teen Sex Show writer and performer, Neil Arsenty! Wait–there’s also an interview with Neil all about Cell Camp‘s upcoming Dying to Find the Cure for Murder: A Cell Camp Benefit show and the ins and outs of writing sketch comedy? It’s true!

So head on over to knee-jerkmag.com to check out the October issue. Do it now. Do it. Do it.

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