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Well it’s been almost a month since our seventh and final excerpt from David Shields’ Reality Hunger: a Manifesto was published on kneejerkmag.com. And we miss not seeing the guy on the main page! If you missed any of the excerpts, relax: they’re in our archives. So check out all seven…

Books For People Who Find Television Too Slow

Trials By Google





and, last but certainly not least…


And oh yeah, there’s our Interview with the man himself.



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Check out Knee-Jerk Magazine’s profile in the Tribune for their coverage of Small Press Month. While you’re there, make sure to take a look at the profiles on some of our Chicago lit. scene friends like Orange Alert and Featherproof

And, if you haven’t yet, read our interview with Featherproof’s own Zach Dodson all about their new TripleQuick iPhone app in the March issue of Knee-Jerk.

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Come one, come all, to check out a very lady-friendly issue of Knee-Jerk. This month we have pieces from Elizabeth Ellen (author of Sixteen Miles Outside of Phoenix), Becca Yenser (I Am Here to Save You), and Lesley Clayton (of WOMANZINE) alongside reviews from the very manly Jacob Knabb (editor at Another Chicago Magazine and THE2NDHAND) and Eric Wiltbank (frequent contributor to Tiny Mix Tapes).

Editors Jonathan, Stephen and C. James interview Matt Bell about the online literary journal The Collagist, Rebekah Silverman and James Tadd Adcox about their new print journal Artifice Magazine, and Zach Dodson of Featherproof Books’ about their new TripleQuick iPhone app.

Come on, the Olympics and Oscars are finally finished. You have no excuse. Check out the new issue HERE.

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This Tuesday, March 9th at the Innertown Pub (1935 W Thomas St. in Chicago) starting at 7:30 you can check out Paul Durica, Justyn Harkin, Brian Costello, Beth Wylder, James Tadd Adcox (editor of Artifice Magazine-check out Knee-Jerk’s interview with him and co-editor Rebekah Silverman in our March issue), Melanie Datz (Knee-Jerk’s very own publicist), and Billy Lombardo (whose story “Your Dreams Will Become Like Idiot’s Dreams” can be read in Knee-Jerk Issue #1, or check out our interview from Issue #8).

Plus, this month’s reading is sponsored by Old Style, so there will be some amazing drink specials to boot. There’s also going to be a raffle of who-knows-what-but-I’m-sure-it’ll-be-awesome-whatever-it-is to benefit Doctors Without Borders.

Keep up on Quickies! and find out more about the readers on their BLOG.

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We here at Knee-Jerk were very sad to hear about the passing of Barry Hannah, a voice in contemporary literature we all hold near and dear. Born in Mississippi, Hannah became the new representative of the south, much like William Faulkner or Flannery O’Conner before him. He was the author of eight novels and five short story collections, including Geronimo Rex, Airships, and Sick Soldier at Your Door which should be published by the end of the year. He died of a heart attack on March 1st at the age of 67.

The New York Times has posted a very thoughtful memorial. Also, you can listen to Hannah reading an excerpt from 2001’s Yonder Stands Your Orphan and then discussing the book from a tribute on NPR‘s Fresh Air. Lastly, if unfamiliar with his work, do yourself a huge favor, head to your local bookstore, and pick up one of Hannah’s books.

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The Guardian just posted this hilarious, motivating, a little intimidating compilation of advice from some of today’s most respected writers including Geoff Dyer, Richard Ford, Margaret Atwood, Neil Gaiman and many, many more. Anne Enright offers this tried and true nugget: “Be accurate about stuff.” Brilliant!

I’m going to stop writing before I accidentally break one of the rules. Check out the article HERE.

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