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Join us for free beer; a chance to win an an amazing raffle prize or an evening of dinner and a movie with Knee-Jerk editors Steve, Casey, and Jon; readings by Knee-Jerk authors


helping us raise money for our forthcoming print issue; so much mingling and more! All for a mere $5 suggested donation.

Friday, August 27, 8-11pm


Fill In the Blank Gallery
5038 N. Lincoln Ave.
Chicago, IL 60625

Email Jon with any questions: jon [at] kneejerkmag [dot] com.

Fill in the Blank Gallery is conveniently located a few blocks north of the intersection between Lincoln, Western, and Lawrence Avenues. It is accessible by the 49 Western bus, 81 Lawrence bus, 11 Lincoln/Sedgwick bus, and is approximately five blocks north of the Western Brown Line. The Gallery is at the corner of Lincoln and Winnemac.

About the Gallery
Voted runner up as the best local gallery by the Chicago Reader in 2010, Fill in the Blank Gallery is, according to its website, “an artist-run space located in Lincoln Square that provides a platform for artists to cultivate and share their ideas in a public setting. Through exhibits, workshops, classes and events pertaining to the arts, we strive to initiate exchange and build connections between the space and its community.” For more information about Fill In the Blank, check out fillintheblankgallery.com


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Just came across this thanks to Wordriot’s Twitter page. The name pretty much says it all. The Lolita and Stieg Larson ones on page three are priceless. Enjoy BETTER BOOK TITLES.

Join our Twitter page HERE.

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It is my honor to be able to encourage, nay, require, nay, push, shove, and drag anyone I can to purchase Mary Hamilton‘s new chapbook, We Know What We Are. This book is the distinguished winner of Rose Metal Press‘ Fourth Annual Short Short Chapbook Contest as selected by Dinty W. Moore (yes–the Dinty W. Moore).

Here’s what he has to say about it,“The concise stories in this dynamic collection are bursting with moments of stark urgency and unexpected humor, with imagery that moves seamlessly from the bizarre to the oddly familiar, and situations that shift from the ludicrous to the undeniably sad.”

If you need a teaser (you shouldn’t–just buy it already), check out Mary’s story, “If you look under our skin, you will find that me and Theodore are made of water and sand,” (from Knee-Jerk Issue #2) which appears in the book under the new title, “I am fond of you: An ode to Bull Shannon.”

You can order it HERE!!!

Mary Hamilton is a writer, teacher, and optician living in Chicago, where she is also the co-host and co-founder of the QUICKIES! Reading Series. Her work has been published by Smokelong Quarterly, Storyglossia, Pindeldyboz, Eclectica, and Thieves Jargon, among others, and has been included in the Best of the Web anthology. She blogs about inspirational sports movies at inspirationalsportsmovies.blogspot.com.

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Just want to encourage every fan of comics, hilarity, and overall awesomeness to check out KENNY KEIL’S KICKSTARTER PAGE for a Giant-Sized collection of his Tales to Suffice comics.

For those not familiar with Kickstarter, it’s a fantastic website that promotes artists’ projects and allows fans to donate money to help get those projects off the ground. Most donations are rewarded with different prizes from the artists themselves determined by set increments of dollars you chose to donate. For example, on Kenny’s page, a mere five bucks will get you a postcard print, a PDF preview edition of Tales to Suffice, access to an exclusive backers-only blog, your name in a special acknowledgments section in the book.

And it just gets better from there.

And if you haven’t heard, KNEE-JERK OFFLINE, our very first print issue will feature some amazing original work from Kenny, including a review of Kenny’s (free) cellphone in comic strip from.

You have until Sunday, October 10th to help Kenny reach his goal. Do your duty as a fan of all things awesome.

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Holy Bejeeze, it’s been awhile since an update. Hopefully you all found the recent couple of issues on your own without the blog’s help. If not, make sure to catch up with the ARCHIVES.

As for ISSUE #14, it’s got everything Knee-Jerk has ever promised you, plus a few familiar faces.

Stories by





plus a Review of “Salsa Dancing for White Girls” by REBECCA HAMMER

and and Interview with DAVID PEAK, Co-Editor/Director of BLUE SQUARE PRESS

And what? There’s more? YES! Links telling you about our upcoming



The release of the first annual print issue of KNEE-JERK OFFLINE!!!

And, of course, as always, take part in our monthly pole, this time around on your favorite character name in a role played by Matthew McConaughey.

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