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Award winning graphic novelist Warren Ellis was kind enough to, on his own accord, write an update on his website about Thirsting Quench and the Captains of Industry’s (a group on Knee-Jerk editor/cofounder C. James Bye’s small recording label, Stir Up Your Grey Matter) new ep, Nema Reve. Check out what he had to say:

I’m listening to the first track right now. It starts like an outtake from ‘Fur Immer’ (I’ve been listening to NEU! all afternoon, which made for a weird moment when I had to check if I was streaming audio or still in iTunes). And then it stops. And then they sort of go through a time-travel portal and put their other foot directly into 90s postrock while still strumming the motorik. At which point, yes, it’s total comfort food for old rockist tendencies, but by the time they start digging power chords out of their guitars with rusty screwdrivers, I’m off with the fairies. Thirsting Quench and the Captains of Industry, we salute you.

What an amazingly nice (not to mention crazy talented) guy.

Name your price and download Nema Reve HERE. Click on the banner for more Thirsting Quench and other Stir Up Your Grey Matter releases, all available for free or name your price.

And keep up on Warren Ellis at www.warrenellis.com


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Our friend Jon Trobaugh has a piece entitled “Bugout” in the latest issue of Prime Number Magazine. There’s even a Q&A. Please take the time and check it out.

And if you haven’t yet, read (or, hell, if you have, why not reread) Jon’s “Weeds” from the Sept. issue of Knee-Jerk.

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We just wanted to let you know about Knee-Jerk’s Kickstarter page. We’re trying to raise funds to help with our printing costs for Knee-Jerk Offline Volume 1. And we’d like to ask for your help.

And we wanna make it worth your while. For example, for a $10 donation, you’ll get a copy of the print edition when it’s released in December. That’s $4 less than it’ll be going for online or in bookstores later. Pretty good deal, right?

For a larger donation, we’ll thank you with customized buttons, a personalized song written and recorded by the Knee-Jerk editors about something you’re yearning for, mix CD’s, DVD’s, books, and even dinner and a movie with us.

If you’re not familiar with Kickstarter, well, let me fill you in. If you are, well, feel free to skip to the next paragraph. Basically, Kickstarter is a website designed to help people fund their art projects. If the project creators make the goal they set by the date they set, they receive the money to help fund their project. If the goal isn’t reached the money goes back to the donators. The money goes through Amazon nice and safe and simple.

We need to raise $1000 by December 1st to be funded. And we know we can do it with your help. Every dollar is appreciated and every donation over $5 is not only appreciated but rewarded!

Please check out the site if nothing else to watch our ridiculously thrown together video (hey, we’re writers, not directors) and to find out about Knee-Jerk Offline Volume 1’s fantastic contributors.


Thanks for your support!

-Jon, Steve, and Casey
Editors, Knee-Jerk

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Knee-Jerk co-founder, C. James Bye has been slinging around CD-Rs and cassettes of his and his friends’ musical projects for the better part of a decade under the name of Stir Up Your Grey Matter Productions. Now Stir Up has entered the iPod age and has started a Bandcamp page to further the distribution of these weird and wonderful recordings.

For those not familiar, Bandcamp hosts thousands of artists who make their music available as downloads often complete with album art, liner notes, track info that automatically transfers to your iTunes, and bonus material in a variety of digital formats (from mp3 to lossless FLAC).

Stir Up Your Grey Matter’s page now has 30 (that’s thirty!) albums, eps, singles, live recordings, and demos made by C. James and his buddies all over the Midwest and all for free or name your price downloads. Many are four-track recordings, some done digitally, ranging from

indie pop by the likes of Electric Bolts and Lauren Svacina

to lo-fi pop from The Literacy Program and Farewell Scalar

to psychedelic post-rock from Thirsting Quench and The Furry Murrays

to field recordings and spoken word from Art In Underpants and Dr. Kamikaze & the $35 Sound

Check out everything that’s available from STIR UP YOUR GREY MATTER

And join Stir Up Your Grey Matter’s Facebook Fan page to hear about upcoming live shows, new releases, and newly converted older material previously available only at performances by now defunct bands.

No one is in this for the money, so please feel free to download for free and enjoy the music.

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