Knee-Jerk contributor and creator of the Bedtime Stories mp3 series has just dropped his second album, The Free Refill.

The new album is available to stream or download at no cost to you whatsoever.
18 tracks of perfect beats for leaning back into a lawnchair, slurping a slushy, and dealing with this summer heat.

Casey Bye is Memphis-bound! Our Co-Founder, Arts & Media Editor, and Cutie-in-Residence will be taking his talents to the birthplace of Crunk by mid-July. To celebrate the time we’ve spent with our bespectacled human beatbox, Knee-Jerk is hosting a going-away reading, featuring fellow Casey Bye-enthusiasts Noelle Hufnagel, Geoff Hyatt, Mason Johnson, Jacob Knabb, Lauryn Allison Lewis, Simon A. Smith, Leah Tallon, Ben Tanzer, Chris Terry, and Brandon Will! We’ll also have music from DJ Jeremy Alvarez! Feel free to pass this along to friends, neighbors, and whoever else you think might like watching Casey re-enact his tiger pee story. It starts at 7:00 pm Wed. July 6th at

Beauty Bar Chicago

1444 W. Chicago Ave.
Chicago, Illinois

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