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It is my honor to be able to encourage, nay, require, nay, push, shove, and drag anyone I can to purchase Mary Hamilton‘s new chapbook, We Know What We Are. This book is the distinguished winner of Rose Metal Press‘ Fourth Annual Short Short Chapbook Contest as selected by Dinty W. Moore (yes–the Dinty W. Moore).

Here’s what he has to say about it,“The concise stories in this dynamic collection are bursting with moments of stark urgency and unexpected humor, with imagery that moves seamlessly from the bizarre to the oddly familiar, and situations that shift from the ludicrous to the undeniably sad.”

If you need a teaser (you shouldn’t–just buy it already), check out Mary’s story, “If you look under our skin, you will find that me and Theodore are made of water and sand,” (from Knee-Jerk Issue #2) which appears in the book under the new title, “I am fond of you: An ode to Bull Shannon.”

You can order it HERE!!!

Mary Hamilton is a writer, teacher, and optician living in Chicago, where she is also the co-host and co-founder of the QUICKIES! Reading Series. Her work has been published by Smokelong Quarterly, Storyglossia, Pindeldyboz, Eclectica, and Thieves Jargon, among others, and has been included in the Best of the Web anthology. She blogs about inspirational sports movies at inspirationalsportsmovies.blogspot.com.


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