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Our Kickstarter campaign for Offline Vol. 2 is just about at the halfway point. So we have a new reward to offer:

For your $50 contribution you can receive signed copies of Knee-Jerk contributor (and all around swell guy), MATT BELL’s HOW THEY WERE FOUND (Keyhole Press) and the forthcoming CATACLYSM BABY (Mud Luscious Press)! Plus a copy of KNEE-JERK OFFLINE, VOL. 2 & The Risk-Taking Gene, mp3’s of the songs we wrote for our backers last year and audio of our Harold Ramis interview.

Cataclysm Baby isn’t even out yet! There’s only one of these sets available, so scoop it up now! Or, if you can’t spare 50 bones, how about pre-ordering an issue of VOL 2? Check out everything that’s available HERE!


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We have a special offer on our Kickstarter right now and only one person will be lucky enough to take advantage of it:

For $40 get an autographed copy of VOL. 2 contributor SARAH ROSE ETTER’s TONGUE PARTY (Caketrain), a copy of KNEE-JERK OFFLINE, VOL. 2 & The Risk-Taking Gene, a phone call from Sarah describing the terrible things she did over the weekend, and mp3s of the original songs.

Go HERE so Sarah won’t feel lonely.

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Just want to encourage every fan of comics, hilarity, and overall awesomeness to check out KENNY KEIL’S KICKSTARTER PAGE for a Giant-Sized collection of his Tales to Suffice comics.

For those not familiar with Kickstarter, it’s a fantastic website that promotes artists’ projects and allows fans to donate money to help get those projects off the ground. Most donations are rewarded with different prizes from the artists themselves determined by set increments of dollars you chose to donate. For example, on Kenny’s page, a mere five bucks will get you a postcard print, a PDF preview edition of Tales to Suffice, access to an exclusive backers-only blog, your name in a special acknowledgments section in the book.

And it just gets better from there.

And if you haven’t heard, KNEE-JERK OFFLINE, our very first print issue will feature some amazing original work from Kenny, including a review of Kenny’s (free) cellphone in comic strip from.

You have until Sunday, October 10th to help Kenny reach his goal. Do your duty as a fan of all things awesome.

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