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How You Can Help Jon and Amelia Fullmer

On the evening of May 24th, our friends Jon and Amelia Fullmer lost their apartment and belongings to a 2-11 alarm fire. They had just started to settle into their new place, preparing the way for their first child (due this June). The details of what they will be able to salvage from the fire are still unknown and while they fortunately had renters insurance, they will ultimately be starting again from scratch. This donation site will begin to help them re-build their lives. Contribute as much as you are willing and able. No amount is too small.

Jon is one of the editors of Knee-Jerk Magazine, published online and in print out of Chicago, where he’s an enthusiastic and supportive member of the literary community. He’s offered so much of his time and talent to others over the past few years, and now it’s our turn to help him and his family. We hope that our community can come together now to support one of its members in need.

Feel free to pass the link for this donation site to those in your own life who would be willing to help. In addition to this site, a fundraiser is being organized that will most likely take place at The Book Cellar. Stay tuned to The Book Cellar website (bookcellarinc.com) and The Book Cellar Facebook page for details.

On behalf of Jon and Amelia, Thank you for your support.


Please go to http://www.mdbell.com/fullmer-donations/ to donate.

Jon’s and our friend Matt Bell was gracious enough to host this page on his site. If you have any questions, please feel free to email Matt at mdbell79@gmail.com.


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Our Kickstarter campaign for Offline Vol. 2 is just about at the halfway point. So we have a new reward to offer:

For your $50 contribution you can receive signed copies of Knee-Jerk contributor (and all around swell guy), MATT BELL’s HOW THEY WERE FOUND (Keyhole Press) and the forthcoming CATACLYSM BABY (Mud Luscious Press)! Plus a copy of KNEE-JERK OFFLINE, VOL. 2 & The Risk-Taking Gene, mp3’s of the songs we wrote for our backers last year and audio of our Harold Ramis interview.

Cataclysm Baby isn’t even out yet! There’s only one of these sets available, so scoop it up now! Or, if you can’t spare 50 bones, how about pre-ordering an issue of VOL 2? Check out everything that’s available HERE!

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Come one, come all, to check out a very lady-friendly issue of Knee-Jerk. This month we have pieces from Elizabeth Ellen (author of Sixteen Miles Outside of Phoenix), Becca Yenser (I Am Here to Save You), and Lesley Clayton (of WOMANZINE) alongside reviews from the very manly Jacob Knabb (editor at Another Chicago Magazine and THE2NDHAND) and Eric Wiltbank (frequent contributor to Tiny Mix Tapes).

Editors Jonathan, Stephen and C. James interview Matt Bell about the online literary journal The Collagist, Rebekah Silverman and James Tadd Adcox about their new print journal Artifice Magazine, and Zach Dodson of Featherproof Books’ about their new TripleQuick iPhone app.

Come on, the Olympics and Oscars are finally finished. You have no excuse. Check out the new issue HERE.

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